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Park Honey May Offer Relief to Hay Fever Sufferers

August 31, 2016

The introduction of bee hives on the Park could bring relief to local hay fever sufferers. Anecdotal evidence suggests eating... Read More

Plan Bee for Howbery

August 24, 2016

Two Honey Bee colonies were installed at Howbery Business Park earlier this year. The WBC Hives are the archetypal style... Read More

Parklife Newsletter – May 2016

May 6, 2016

Glimpse into Parklife for the latest stories from around the park, featuring news, information and events. Don’t forget to send... Read More

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howberypark @howberypark
Howbery Business Prk  @howberypark
Waved the @thamespedalo challenge off from Wallingford Bridge on the next leg @RAFBF @RAFBenson Check out the route… 
Howbery Business Prk  @howberypark
Great to see the @thamespedalo @howberypark and looking on good form at the Wallingford Bridge pit stop! 
Howbery Business Prk  @howberypark
@thamespedalo @howberypark great to see you at the boat house, you are amazing, keep pedalling! 
Howbery Business Prk  @howberypark
@thamespedalo @howberypark great to see you all in good spirits at the boat house Wallingford! You are amazing! 

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